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Talisman Review


After several hours driving around Nairobi National Park, we decided to get a late lunch at Talisman. Our friend, Jennifer, had mentioned she was going there that day and that it was a really good place. We were on our way to Carrefour at The Hub (in Karen) and the restaurant happened to be nearby. Why not check it out?

Talisman - 4When we arrived, and I saw the Jack Daniels decor up front, I knew we made a good choice. The atmosphere was absolutely lovely yet still casual. (It’s very kid friendly too, by the way.) The service was quick, especially by Nairobi standards. The food was amazing.

J. and I, a bit parched from our drive, started off with a tall, cool, freshly made glass of baobab lemonade, which was divine. (We moved onto a Tusker later.) We then choose from the menu, which includes a sushi/sashimi menu, their classic dishes, and also seasonal specialties. If you care about quality, freshness, organic, how your food is made and how it gets to you, then you will not be disappointed.

We shared the Salt ‘n Peper Squid. J. got the Chirashizushi. I got the salmon carpaccio from the seasonal menu. Everything was absolutely delicious!

This is going to be my go to place whenever I’m in Karen.


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