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This is our first house. This is our first fireplace. This is how we learned how to make fire.

Fireplace! Awesome! Wait…you need things for it, right? What are they even called? We knew we needed a screen and tools. Then that thingy for holding the wood and the other thingy for catching the ashes.

It took us a while to source the…let’s just call it fireplace gear. We thought we would have to go all the way down to Ngong road and spend the day going from guy to guy, haggling until we got what we needed. Luckily, we recently made some lovely German friends who told us about a guy much closer to us on Limuru road.

Instead of driving to the other side of town, we drove just a bit. And then we haggled with just one person until we got what we needed. Once we got it, we thought we were all set.

Oh wait…wood. You need wood. We got that and kindling. We got some newspapers too. Now, we were surely all set.

Not so fast…neither one of us knew how to light a fire. We tried various methods we had heard of (ahem, Google search). It wasn’t working. We couldn’t get the kindling to catch.

Thankfully, modern technology saved the day. See, it’s not just the Internet. It’s the Internet of Things. Okay, I’m stretching the definition a bit. Our fireplace isn’t connected to the Internet.

However, yours truly is often connected to her smart phone and Skype. Sitting in front of the fireplace, I Skyped with my very smart, highly fire-making skills adept friend, Catherine. She Skyped me through it.

And then…things started to happen…

blogMore - 1

Yay! A Fire!!!

blogMore - 2

The trick, it turns out, was making sure there was some small bits of kindling tucked in with the newspapers.

And that, dead readers, is how we learned to make fire.

Special thanks to Catherine for making this possible.




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