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Where my stitches at?


That’s a knitting joke. You either (knit and therefore) get it, or you don’t. This post is about my addiction hobby and how I’ve been keeping at it in Nairobi.

When I first moved here, J. assured me that there would be ample places to buy yarn and knitting needles in Nairobi. I wasn’t sure how he thought he had any knowledge on this, but I took his word for it. It turns out that it’s not so easy to find yarn.

I asked around, mostly via Facebook groups. I didn’t get a lot of advice. I did find one place, Buttons and Bows in the YaYa Center.

Unfortunately, the store is more about sewing than my particular fiber craft. Also, the limited assortment of yarn was terribly overpriced. I still bought something because I needed something while I waited for my stash (yarn) to arrive in our shipment.

My yarn and knitting goodies all arrived safely. I was able to knit properly. I was happy. But, I knew I would need more yarn.

Before our trip home earlier this year, I made sure to place orders for a ton of yarn. Then, I bought more while home. (All of this tied back to projects I want to complete, lest you think I am some kind of yarn junkie, collecting bits and pieces like a magpie.)

I’m pretty set for a while with yarn. But again, I know I will need more. I do plan to get more the next time I travel home, but that is not for a while. There is a good chance that I could run out before then. We cannot let that happen!

I reached out to fellow knitters on Ravelry.com. What is Ravelry? They describe it best: “Ravelry is a place for knitters, crocheters, designers, spinners, weavers and dyers to keep track of their yarn, tools, project and pattern information, and look to others for ideas and inspiration.”

I posted about yarn shops on the forum. I also reached out to some knitters who were listed as living in Nairobi. I’m getting some responses so I hope that the knitting community here will be able to help me out.

One knitter, pointed me to Spinner’s Web. I had been there before but I didn’t know that they had more yarn. In the basement section, near the Weaver Bird section of the shop, there is a selection of yarn.

The colors are amazing, but the texture is a little itchy. It’s not a place that is going to provide me with the yarn I need. However, that’s not to say that the yarn is bad or that I wouldn’t buy from there. In fact, I did. The main image for this post is the yarn I bought. I got the red and gold yarn for me and the blue for a friend who wants to learn how to knit. I wouldn’t make any wearables from that yarn, but I’m sure I can make something.

The quest for yarn continues. But, really, should it ever end?



  1. Anonymous says

    Hi am glad i found this blog knitting is fun fun fun. I do shaggy mats out of the yarns and i love the experience. For yarns i use the Kenyan


  2. Jackpot! Great post! I’m moving to Nairobi soon and I didn’t think that knitting would be a thing, so I’ve been stockpiling…with no objective…lol

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  3. Diane says

    Freeman’s on Biashara. CBD is much better recently and the shop has free parking. I just bought German Addi needles and Japanese Noro yarn, and have been buying from them for years. They have larger than 6mm crotchet and needles. The yarn comes from Japan, German, Turkey, UK, US, and they also have an in-house brand called Knit Me that is far superior to the local chunky brands like Butterfly and Robin, at roughly the same price. I highly recommend them.

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  4. Hello there! I run an NGO in Rwanda and our ladies are making hand spun, organic Merino in a beautiful assorted of natural colors, dyed with Rwandan plants. I travel to Nairobi when I am working in Reanda which is about five times a year. I’d be happy to bring you some yarn if you would like.

    I actually have another question for you though… I have another project I am working on now. I am looking for size 8 knitting needles. Do you know where in a row B these can be purchased? Thanks so much for any help you can provide!

    Our website is Truevineyard.org or handspunhope.org.

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    • I would love to buy some yarn! Let me know the next time you’re coming to NBO.

      For the knitting needles, try Buttons and Bows in YaYa Center or The Woman Shop in Sarit Center. The Woman Shop has a better variety of sizes.


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  6. achvs says

    I honestly find biashara street a little too overpriced. I recently got into knitting and I find chunky Robin wool quite good and soft! I think they do deliver if you contact them and place orders (Spin Knit, Nakuru, Kenya). I wanted a place where I could get different needle sizes 😦 the largest needle size I have currently is a size 6 and I need bigger sizes 😦

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      • achvs says

        Anytime 🙂
        Oh yes they’re so hard to find. I learnt to knit with size 2 needles and wasn’t all that comfy knitting baby boots with that. I found size 6 by chance in some store I usually buy my wool from and bought them right away 😀 Can’t find other sizes so I guess I’ll have to order them online or something for now.
        And, do you follow any sites for knitting patterns?

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      • achvs says

        I love ravelry too 🙂 I got a couple of beanie patterns off redheart 🙂 I only have straight needles so it’s a little tough finding free patterns that include only using straight single sided needles 😦 Hopefully shall be getting a new set of needles soon enough so that i can move up working on more knitting projects 🙂

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