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Gala Latina

gala ticket

The other weekend we went out for something a little fancier than usual: The Gala Latina, a yearly fundraising event hosted by the Spanish Speaking Association in Nairobi. The event, held this year at the Villa Rosa Kempinski, was a lot of fun!

It was the first time I have gotten dressed up in Nairobi. To be honest, it had been a long time since I dressed up that formally. The fancy dress, shoes, and jewelry all came out. I was worried because my dress, while an evening dress, was not a gown. But, it was a gala and not a ball, so I was fine. In fact, there was a mix of attire from cocktail dresses to ball gowns. I fell somewhere in the middle and fit right in.

(The men got off easy and only needed a suit. Seems unfair, right?)

We spent the night talking, laughing, dancing, and making new friends. As a result, I did not take many pictures. But, I did get a bit of video of the flamenco dancers:

As the event started to wind down, we somehow made the decision to move the party onto Gypsy’s, a club in Westlands. At 1-ish this seemed like a good idea. I had never been to the club and wanted to check it out. ¡Vamanos!

Once we got there, I regretted my fancy shoes and jewelry. It’s not what I would have worn  to a club. Still, it was fine. We had a good group and we didn’t stay very long. We realized that we were actually very tired. I don’t think I even finished the Tusker I ordered.

All in all, it was a very fun night!


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