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The Quest for Paperbacks


I wrote in a previous post about the books I was reading, in particular African themed books. While I am still planning to read some books by African authors (The Africa Trilogy: Things Fall Apart, No Longer at Ease, and Arrow of God (Everyman’s Library (Cloth)) by Chinua Achebe is at the top of  my list), my current need is a bit more frivolous. I need some good beach/holiday reading.

These are not serious books. I need some fun, page turner mysteries that are easy to pick up, put down (as I snooze on the beach), and pick back up again. They also need to be paperbacks—small, light, okay-if-it-gets-destroyed paperbacks. I have a few lined up, as you can see in the main image. But, as J. and I plan more trips, I will need more.

There was a time when I never had to really think much about this. I’d have a list on Amazon and I’d order a few ahead of our trip. It was super easy. I can’t really order from Amazon anymore (there are ways but I haven’t tried any yet as they all have mixed reviews in terms of successfully getting your items).

I don’t know of any giant bookstores in Nairobi. Really, why would there be? They’re all closing down in the U.S. and elsewhere.

The smaller shops have decent selections. But, they’re smaller so it’s a smaller selection. I’ll have to come up with a running list (similar to what I had at Amazon) and keep it on hand for when I’m near a book store.

Granted, there is always Kindle for a lot of what I want to read. But, again, this is specifically a quest for paperbacks. I don’t think I’ll need to resort to hoarding. But I do envision a future in which I am frequently popping into book stores in search of a good beach read.

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