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Winter is Coming

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It’s June! It’s almost officially summer! Wait a minute. It’s not.

Being on this side of the equator is new to me. Seasons are in reverse of what I’m used to. We’re going into winter, not summer. We just got our fireplace set up and made sure to have plenty of firewood.

Yet, it’s not that cold. It’s chillier. It does get a bit cold at night, enough to warrant a fire. But it’s not Polar Vortex New York cold. So, in my mind, with the still warm (for me) and sunny days, my head still thinks it’s summer.

If I can wear shorts, it’s summer, right? Not exactly. And the concept of hot and cold is relative anyway.

Really, I shouldn’t be thinking of seasons at all. It’s not as though I’m experiencing opposite timing of winter, spring, summer, and autumn. In Nairobi, it’s dry/colder, rains, dry/hot, rains.

The right way to think of seasons is wet or dry. The right way to think of the weather is to always be prepared with layers and sunblock—and that’s true regardless of wet or dry season. I’m working on correcting my mindset.

The one thing I know for certain is that—whether you see it as warm, cold, or a bit of both—I am happy the long rains are over and that sunny skies are right around the corner.


    • I’m glad I’m not the only one confused! I feel a bit silly not understanding the weather, but your comment makes me feel better. I’m not alone!

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