Month: June 2016

No More Google+ For Me

I am not really active on Google+. I’m there because, having a gmail account, I have no choice. I have been pushing my blog posts there but I am going to stop. The reason is that Google+, for some strange reason, pulls Instagram images as the main image for my posts. If there is no image, it pulls the latests from what shows up in Instagram (which is a module on this blog). What’s even more strange is that it does this even when there is a set main image. I’m tired of having this happen and having my posts looking weird on there. Hence, I’m no longer pushing content to my Google+ page. If you read this blog through Google+, please visit the blog directly or sign up for the email alerts (no spam).  


Guest Post: Rough Travel with Style

Today we have a guest post from J. covering how he packs for some of his work travel. Many people have asked me what I wear and what I take with me when I go on missions in the field. It really depends on the circumstances—and it can vary drastically even on the same trip. I may be meeting a government minister in one meeting and then, the same day, be rushing off in Land Cruiser to a remote village for the next meeting.  I have to be very mobile and my clothes and gear need to keep up with me. Suits I ask a lot of my suits. They need to be: Proper and formal—appropriate for meeting with government officials Durable (i.e. need to be able to take a beating and still look good) Comfortable in all types of weather Breathe easily Repel stains Have plenty of pockets to carry all sorts of gear. The key here is the ability to have certain items on you and not just with you. In other words, I very much …


Checking Out Carrefour

Carrefour recently opened in Nairobi (at The Hub in Karen) and it is causing quite a stir! We checked it out after our drive through Nairobi National Park. We meant to just give a quick view since we were about to leave for the coast soon. We wound up doing a lot more than that. We went through the entire store to see everything it had to offer. Overall, we were a little disappointed. We heard so many great things about it; we expected more. In particular, we had hoped for some more French brands (or other new brands) but much of what is there can be bought elsewhere in Nairobi. However, that’s not to say that it wasn’t worth the trip or that we wouldn’t go back—in fact, we’ll be making regular trips out there. From the main photo, you can see that the fresh fruit and vegetable selection is good. We can get that elsewhere, but it’s still a plus. The same holds true for the meats. The main draw is twofold: the cheese …


Talisman Review

After several hours driving around Nairobi National Park, we decided to get a late lunch at Talisman. Our friend, Jennifer, had mentioned she was going there that day and that it was a really good place. We were on our way to Carrefour at The Hub (in Karen) and the restaurant happened to be nearby. Why not check it out? When we arrived, and I saw the Jack Daniels decor up front, I knew we made a good choice. The atmosphere was absolutely lovely yet still casual. (It’s very kid friendly too, by the way.) The service was quick, especially by Nairobi standards. The food was amazing. J. and I, a bit parched from our drive, started off with a tall, cool, freshly made glass of baobab lemonade, which was divine. (We moved onto a Tusker later.) We then choose from the menu, which includes a sushi/sashimi menu, their classic dishes, and also seasonal specialties. If you care about quality, freshness, organic, how your food is made and how it gets to you, then you will not …

Nairobi National Park

A Drive Through Nairobi National Park

With the long rains over and Nairobi drying out for the winter months ahead, we took The Tuna (our car, a Toyota Fortuner) out to Nairobi National Park. We got a later start than we wanted, but, thanks to the Southern Bypass (a lovely, non-potholed stretch of highway) we were able to get to the park a little before 9 am. We spent several hours driving around looking at the animals, watching for where some of the guides were stopped so we could see more animals, and enjoying the scenery. A few things about the park: The driving was rougher than we expected. Our car could handle it, but I would not take anything other than a large, four-wheel-drive vehicle. You need the muscle in a lot of areas. There’s dirt roads, ditches, and also rocky terrain. Also, the grass is high and you are not going to be able to see anything with a regular-sized car. If you are a resident, take your passport. They can’t accept the photocopy of your resident visa on …