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Asian Gardens


We went out the other night to try a fairly new Japanese restaurant in Gigiri, Asian Gardens. I was underwhelmed.

The atmosphere was nice enough. The restaurant is in the Warwick Centre, which is a fairly empty place. Once inside, it didn’t feel so desolate. The decor was nice. There were some people but it didn’t feel crowded. I especially liked the indoor/outdoor feel…in other words, outdoor feel but well protected from the rain.

aG - 2

Service was fine. Our servers were attentive but not overbearing. It was a little weird to have someone come by to offer shisha (hookah), but that’s a Nairobi thing I guess. That wasn’t the only non-Japanese quirk. It was a little weird to have the bill set inside this:

aG - 4

Quirks aside, the overall ambiance was fine. The issue is that the food was boring. It was bland. I can’t even write much about it. It was that bleah.

I wouldn’t go again.



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