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Pain in the Butt

Anyone who knows me personally and is connected to me via Facebook can skip this post. You’ve already heard the saga.

I have a herniated disc. If I sit for too long or stand for too long, it gets agitated. Long car rides are especially bad because of the vibrations from the car. This holds true on super highways and even the best roads, but I really feel it on rough African roads.

Well, a long flight to the US, plus a drive to DC, a drive back to NY, and a long flight back to Kenya aggravated things. Almost immediately after the trip, I had a week long intensive workshop. I was leading a decent part of it and had to stand a lot in order to present and run my parts of the workshop.

I was standing for 13-15 near consecutive hours standing, plus a lot of bending and a little climbing. On top of that, late nights meant no exercise, which is what keeps the pain at bay for me. Add in some rough roads on the way to and from work. Needless to say, things got even more aggravated.

I had a few weeks of utter pain. It started right above my hip, went through my butt, and shot all the way down my leg. Let me tell you, sciatic flare ups hurt like bloody hell.

I’ve gotten back to a normal schedule. I’ve taken tons of naproxen. And I’ve been doing my PT exercises.

The pain is almost gone. I can sleep through the night again. I’m walking normally again. Soon I’ll be 100% functional again.

This is one of the reasons why I have not been able to post. The other reasons are coming up in future posts.




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