Month: May 2016


Asian Gardens

We went out the other night to try a fairly new Japanese restaurant in Gigiri, Asian Gardens. I was underwhelmed. The atmosphere was nice enough. The restaurant is in the Warwick Centre, which is a fairly empty place. Once inside, it didn’t feel so desolate. The decor was nice. There were some people but it didn’t feel crowded. I especially liked the indoor/outdoor feel…in other words, outdoor feel but well protected from the rain. Service was fine. Our servers were attentive but not overbearing. It was a little weird to have someone come by to offer shisha (hookah), but that’s a Nairobi thing I guess. That wasn’t the only non-Japanese quirk. It was a little weird to have the bill set inside this: Quirks aside, the overall ambiance was fine. The issue is that the food was boring. It was bland. I can’t even write much about it. It was that bleah. I wouldn’t go again.  

hair products


I’ve always been a minimalist, certainly never a hoarder. Then I moved to Nairobi. Everything changed. The hoarding started before I moved here. I needed to make sure I had enough of everything I need. Clothes, shoes, makeup, toiletries, my preferred brand of tampon, you name and I stocked up on it. It got worse once I arrived. I was told that if I saw something I liked, then I should get a few. So, I started to buy in bulk. Then I experienced a shortage first hand. Nakumatt (sort of like the Walmart of Nairobi) ran out of the sediment collector part for our water filter. This needs to be replaced every 4-6 weeks. We always had a few (like 2-3) extra on hand. But they ran out for about six weeks and I freaked out. We were okay, but once they restocked, I began hoarding a ton. I now have somewhere between 30 and 35 of these filters, enough for at least a couple years. I don’t have a photo of that. You’ll …


Attempt at Gardening

I have killed every plant I’ve ever owned. Every. Single. One. I have the Black Thumb of Death. I could walk by a plant and my aura will kill it. I’m that bad. Terrible. But, I am told, everything in Kenya grows. Indeed, you go around Nairobi and you’ll see beautiful gardens. Drive out a couple hours and the landscape is gorgeous. Everything from cacti, to exotic fruit trees, to every kind of flower thrives. I had a chance. Well, I suppose it more like this: If I can’t keep a plant alive in Kenya, then I have no hope. So far, this land is working for me. This is Basil: Basil has been with me for several weeks and is doing really well. Full disclosure: I have a yard guy who comes by roughly once a week and he’s been helping me. He potted Basil because I was afraid to touch the plant. The long rains, sun, and proper drainage have given Basil what he needs live, despite the poor quality of his owner. …

Clarifying Things

In a couple of my last posts, I mentioned that Facebook friends should skip the post. Here’s why: I write some posts in advance and publish them later. I do this partly to have posts ready in advance and partly for personal safety. I don’t need the whole world to know my life in real time. Sometimes what I post on the blog is repetitive of things mentioned on Facebook. This has caused confusion with some of my Facebook friends. The timing of things will confuse people. Also, people will think that I’m still feeling a certain way or that something is worse than they had thought. For example, I mentioned my feeling homesick on Facebook. Then when I posted about it, people thought I must be really depressed to still feel homesick. I hope this clarifies the matter. Things aren’t happening twice or extending in duration. It’s just me lining up my blog feed.

Professional Changes

Late last year I mentioned on a post about starting a new job. I am sad to say that I have resigned from that job. This is my last week with my employer. The company is doing great work and I wish everyone there the best. However, sometimes things don’t work out. It just wasn’t right for me. I’m not in any rush to get another job. I probably need a little time to reflect anyway. There are options out there and I know I will find the right thing for me. Each ending is a new beginning.