Holidays, New York
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NYC Highlights

Union Square Green Market

I’ve written a bit about our trip home. I have one last post on that topic. Consider it the highlights and key insights.

  • I don’t miss the street harassment from assholes.
  • I don’t miss the crowds in the subways.
  • I don’t miss tourists who randomly stop in the middle of the sidewalk.
  • I do miss walking around.
  • I do miss having easy access to any kind of food, drink, or merchandise.
  • I do miss easy access to services like Dry Bar.
  • I still miss Equinox…I even went in just to go in for a bit. (I didn’t work out.)
  • Half the Citibank locations seem to have closed.
  • Construction never ends.
  • Second Avenue Subway line…see above bullet.
  • de Blasio is still bad for the city but is screwing up less. People seem to hate him less.
  • People hate Uber more and more.
  • The signs in the subways are cheekier, complete with references to pole dancing.
  • Union Square is still wonderful
  • Central Park is still the best damn park in the whole wide world.


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