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Pat Kiernan

When I first moved to Nairobi, I was fine. I was excited to be in a new place. I was adjusting and getting used to the city. I had a lot to learn. I didn’t miss home.

Having just returned from a visit home, I am very homesick. I don’t think I realized how  much I missed New York until I went home. For the first few days this really worried me.

I felt depressed because I missed home. I also was really concerned because…well…what did the homesickness mean? Did I want to move back sooner? Did I no longer like Nairobi? Was I going to be a complete wreck?

While I am still feeling homesick, I can report that it’s nothing that dire. I just miss New York. I miss my loved ones. I miss my city. I miss my home. I even miss NY1—that’s Pat Kiernan in the featured photo.

But I’m also getting better with all that.

I spoke with a couple other ex-pats, both here and in other cities, about how I felt. From what I understand, it lasts about a week and then you start to feel better. It is getting better and I do think I’m getting back into the rhythm here. I’ll get fully back into my groove soon enough.

In the meantime, I think what’s missing is the next vacation. I like to have something on the books so I can look forward to a nice trip. The next few trips will be in Kenya.

Time to shake things off and start planning. Time to start embracing the opportunities here. And maybe a short weekend trip sooner will help. Nakuru anyone?


  1. Sandy says

    You are very strong and having weekend get-aways to look forward too, are always a great pick-me-up to your missing NY or anyplace for that matter!!!

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