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We had a lovely trip home the other week. It was short and a bit of a blur, but it was really great. We had a wonderful time.

There are a few things I would change about the trip. First, I would have added one more day in New York. We really missed home and could have used another day there.

Second, we drove down to DC right after landing in JFK (multi-city fare was several thousand dollars more than round trip to a single city). After a long flight and feeling jet lagged, driving was not a good idea. But we made it—and the family gathering over Easter weekend made it all worth it.

The last thing I would have changed was to make the day about 28 hours long. We did get to see some people, but we had so many errands and appointments that it was tough to see most people. I wish we didn’t have to run around so much, but it needed to be done. I’m happy to report the results of all those appointments were good: taxes are in order and J. has been given a clean bill of health.

We just needed more time. It was a lot to cram into 10 days (including travel). We were exhausted at the end of each day.

This gets back to one more day. Having one more day would have given us some time to enjoy the city a bit more and at a leisurely pace. We did get to walk through Central Park a little and see our old neighborhood, which was very nice.

We probably won’t be going back until fall of 2017. When we do, we’ll definitely plan for more time. It’ll be more of a vacation and pleasure trip.

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