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Election Year Blues

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It can be embarrassing to be an American abroad, especially in an election year. This upcoming election can only be described as a total shit show. That is the most polite term I could think of to adequately describe it. It’s basically my response when I’m asked about my thoughts on the election.

I’m asked about it every day. Every. Single Day. Thank you GOP. Democrats, you’re not helping either.

I’m worried about what is going to happen to my country. The rest of the world is too. I’ve been told that when I cast my vote (which won’t be for spray-tanned, troll-hair, Hitler) that I’m voting for everyone.

In other words, not only does the outcome of the election affect the whole world, but the way the election goes affects the whole world. The worse we behave, the lower the candidates stoop, the more mud both parties sling, the more precedent is set and more affordances laid out for bad behavior in upcoming elections in other countries. Hint: we’re setting a really bad example.

In case there is any doubt about America losing credibility in the world, the top questions I am asked used to be:

  • Do Americans really like Trump?
  • What are your thoughts about Hillary Clinton?
  • Who do you think will win?

The top questions I get now are:

  • Why is the area around Trump’s eyes white while the rest of him is orange? Real question, asked seriously.
  • Will Trump arrange for riots? Not an unfair question.
  • Why are the Republicans trying to destroy Supreme Court? Another real question and my answer was: It’s because they don’t care about America.

It’s a sad state of affairs.

To end on a lighter note, I saw this recently:

His campaign promises look good to me. And now that song will be I your head all day. You’re welcome. 


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