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Time to Break Up?


Digital Rights Management, access to the shows we want to watch, and Netflix have been very active topics in the Nairobi ex-pat community. We’re all looking for ways to watch the shows and movies that we want to watch. There are work arounds for most of the providers (Apple TV, HBO Now, Amazon Prime). Netflix, however, wants to really crack down and enforce geo-blocking.

I’ve written about this before, so I won’t go into more detail on that. But, I will take a moment to say that all this is making me (and many other American ex-pats in Nairobi and around the world) strongly consider breaking up with Netflix. I’m going to give it a little more time before I end it, but I can’t see my relationship with the company going forward unless it makes some changes.

I can understand that they are restricted in what they can distribute in terms of content they don’t own. However, I can’t accept their limitations on their own original content. I do watch other content on Netflix, but I can get that almost anywhere. It’s their original content that makes me pay my monthly subscription. Take that away and I have to reason to stay with them.

Enjoy your last month or two of money from me, Netflix. This relationship is ending soon. Let me know if you ever smarten up on digital entertainment in this century.

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  1. Marc F. says

    Unfortunately, for reasons only they know, they have sold some of their original content shows with exclusive rights to local providers…

    Now, on one hand, they say, we want to go global but, on the other hand, they mimic the same behavior that these greedy movie studios display.

    Well, their choice, their loss.. Many of us have cancelled our subscriptions and I believe they will try to cover the losses until they can as to avoid their shares dropping too much..

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