Month: April 2016

Brief Hiatus

I haven’t posted in a while. There are a few things going on that are keeping me busy and away from writing posts. These things range from a sciatic flare up that, while on the mend, is keeping me from sitting for long periods of time to some life changes that, while positive, require a little more time from me as I make some transitions.  I’ll start to post again in a few weeks. 

Union Square Green Market

NYC Highlights

I’ve written a bit about our trip home. I have one last post on that topic. Consider it the highlights and key insights. I don’t miss the street harassment from assholes. I don’t miss the crowds in the subways. I don’t miss tourists who randomly stop in the middle of the sidewalk. I do miss walking around. I do miss having easy access to any kind of food, drink, or merchandise. I do miss easy access to services like Dry Bar. I still miss Equinox…I even went in just to go in for a bit. (I didn’t work out.) Half the Citibank locations seem to have closed. Construction never ends. Second Avenue Subway line…see above bullet. de Blasio is still bad for the city but is screwing up less. People seem to hate him less. People hate Uber more and more. The signs in the subways are cheekier, complete with references to pole dancing. Union Square is still wonderful Central Park is still the best damn park in the whole wide world.

Pat Kiernan


When I first moved to Nairobi, I was fine. I was excited to be in a new place. I was adjusting and getting used to the city. I had a lot to learn. I didn’t miss home. Having just returned from a visit home, I am very homesick. I don’t think I realized how  much I missed New York until I went home. For the first few days this really worried me. I felt depressed because I missed home. I also was really concerned because…well…what did the homesickness mean? Did I want to move back sooner? Did I no longer like Nairobi? Was I going to be a complete wreck? While I am still feeling homesick, I can report that it’s nothing that dire. I just miss New York. I miss my loved ones. I miss my city. I miss my home. I even miss NY1—that’s Pat Kiernan in the featured photo. But I’m also getting better with all that. I spoke with a couple other ex-pats, both here and in other cities, about how …

Grand Central

Visit Home

We had a lovely trip home the other week. It was short and a bit of a blur, but it was really great. We had a wonderful time. There are a few things I would change about the trip. First, I would have added one more day in New York. We really missed home and could have used another day there. Second, we drove down to DC right after landing in JFK (multi-city fare was several thousand dollars more than round trip to a single city). After a long flight and feeling jet lagged, driving was not a good idea. But we made it—and the family gathering over Easter weekend made it all worth it. The last thing I would have changed was to make the day about 28 hours long. We did get to see some people, but we had so many errands and appointments that it was tough to see most people. I wish we didn’t have to run around so much, but it needed to be done. I’m happy to report the …

election icons

Election Year Blues

It can be embarrassing to be an American abroad, especially in an election year. This upcoming election can only be described as a total shit show. That is the most polite term I could think of to adequately describe it. It’s basically my response when I’m asked about my thoughts on the election. I’m asked about it every day. Every. Single Day. Thank you GOP. Democrats, you’re not helping either. I’m worried about what is going to happen to my country. The rest of the world is too. I’ve been told that when I cast my vote (which won’t be for spray-tanned, troll-hair, Hitler) that I’m voting for everyone. In other words, not only does the outcome of the election affect the whole world, but the way the election goes affects the whole world. The worse we behave, the lower the candidates stoop, the more mud both parties sling, the more precedent is set and more affordances laid out for bad behavior in upcoming elections in other countries. Hint: we’re setting a really bad example. …