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Global and Local All at Once


Our recent trip out to Naivasha had a couple pleasant surprises. It all started on the night game drive at Chui Lodge. After the main part of the drive, we stopped for a sundowner—drinks and snacks outside while watching the sun set. We started talking to one of the people who had been in our game drive vehicle.

The man was (most recently) from Portland, Oregon. He was in Naivasha on the tail end of a business trip. It turns out, he had lived, for many years, very close to where J.’s parents live. He knew the area. His kids went to the same elementary school that J. went to for a while. It also turned out that he and I are in overlapping lines of work and know someone in common.

It was a global connection that we hadn’t expected. After the game drive, we invited him to join us for dinner. I’d say that by the end of the night we walked away with a new friend.

We also discovered a local connection on that same game drive. After the sundowner, we drove for a bit for a night safari as we made our way back to the lodge. We were all talking about places to go and Kilifi, a coastal resort town, was mentioned. J. then, in an aside to me, mentioned that we should go stay at the house of someone we know.

As it happens, the other couple in the SUV knew the same person. And they know J.’s boss. In fact, we were all going to his housewarming party the following weekend.  And so, we discovered a new local connection and made plans to connect once back in Nairobi.

The world is big and yet so small. You never know who you’ll meet and who almost already know.




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