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Review of Chui Lodge

Chui Lodge

For our recent jaunt out to Naivasha we chose to stay at the Chui Lodge.  We wanted to stay there because we heard so many great things about it. We went with high expectations and Chui surpassed them all!

First, let’s talk food—it’s amazing. They will ask for your food preferences and dietary restrictions when you check in, so you know you won’t wind up with anything you don’t like or can’t eat. You get a chef-prepared meal that is planned out each day. This is not your usual buffet-style dining. It’s totally customized for the guests.

Next, let me tell you about how personal the lodge is. Chui is small, with only eight bungalows. But it’s not cramped at all. There is plenty of space. It’s quiet and peaceful.

If you so chose, can socialize with other guests because the atmosphere is so intimate and friendly. The size of the lodge also allows the staff to give you personalized service. I have never felt so pampered and cared for!

Our bungalow was wonderful. It was spacious and quiet. The towels were super soft. The hairdryer was great—not something most hotels can boast. The bed was comfortable. And fire…oh…Chui knows how to light a fire. One would be lit in the late afternoon and it would last until morning. The nights are chilly out there but you will be warm and comfortable.

The main dining hall is gorgeous. The pool is great and the pool area is really pretty.

Best part…from wherever you are, you can see animals come right up to the lodge to drink from the watering holes. I saw wildebeast, ostrich, warthogs, a tortoise, and all kinds of antelope while lounging by the pool!


I will absolutely return to Chui! Seriously, they have totally spoiled me and raised the bar very high for all other lodges!

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