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What’s Cooking?

Not me.

I’m not sure why, but cooking has become an overwhelming task for me lately. It’s not just the cooking…it’s the meal planning and the shopping and the prep work…I’m starting to hate it.

For some reason, it seemed easier in New York. I had Fresh Direct. I had nearby stores. I had my Vitamix. I still had to prep and plan but it felt easier.

I have to admit it’s not really much harder here. I have a housekeeper to do everything else. The shopping isn’t as convenient but it’s not that much harder. I have a bigger kitchen and pantry. We have a grill and I pawn off as much as I can to J. to cook out there. (He thinks it’s fun as long as he can have a beer while grilling. I am totally comfortable luring him with beer, which he may or may not have noticed we always have on hand since getting the grill.)

I’m not sure what is making me feel this way. But, it’s happening. I have found some things to help with the issue.

The first is a WONDERFUL woman who comes once a week to cook. We don’t need a full time cook. But having someone come by once a week (I’m kind of hoping she might be able to do twice a week) is a huge help. I’ll have the ingredients and recipes. She cooks and cleans up. She’ll make a few things that we’ll have over the next couple days and she’ll also make a few things to freeze. It’s made a big improvement in my happiness level.

The next thing I found is an organic vegetable and meat delivery service. I will try it out once we come back from our visit home. Time is a precious commodity and if I can get back time spent going to get groceries then that is a big plus.

The last thing is a behavioural change. I’m learning to split up the groceries trips so that I can take care of some things during the week. I’m figuring out some quick things I can make mid-week so that I don’t have to do it all on Sundays. (Friends in my line of work can see what I’m doing here: Lean UX and Sprint Planning for meals.)

I may shift back to enjoying time spent cooking. Until then, I think my coping mechanisms will keep me sane.




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