Month: March 2016

cow on a truck

Along the Way

We saw quite a bit along the way to and from our Hell’s Gate Adventure. Above, we’ve got a traveling cow. We passed the truck since it had to go really slow for the cow’s comfort and safety. What else did we see? Here are some pictures we took from the road along various points of the weekend. Here are some views of the Rift Valley: The road to the lodge and animals we saw: Finally, sharing the road with all kinds of vehicles:    


Game Drive at Chui Lodge

We weren’t sure what to expect on the game drive. How much would we really see? Well, we saw quite a bit. The drive started out well with waterbuck and zebra sightings. We soon saw George, the resident lion who likes to hang out near the lodge. We also saw plenty of wildebeast, some endangered zebra, and lots of ostrich.  We saw lots of gazelle too. Here the video from the game drive.


Global and Local All at Once

Our recent trip out to Naivasha had a couple pleasant surprises. It all started on the night game drive at Chui Lodge. After the main part of the drive, we stopped for a sundowner—drinks and snacks outside while watching the sun set. We started talking to one of the people who had been in our game drive vehicle. The man was (most recently) from Portland, Oregon. He was in Naivasha on the tail end of a business trip. It turns out, he had lived, for many years, very close to where J.’s parents live. He knew the area. His kids went to the same elementary school that J. went to for a while. It also turned out that he and I are in overlapping lines of work and know someone in common. It was a global connection that we hadn’t expected. After the game drive, we invited him to join us for dinner. I’d say that by the end of the night we walked away with a new friend. We also discovered a local connection on …

Chui Lodge

Review of Chui Lodge

For our recent jaunt out to Naivasha we chose to stay at the Chui Lodge.  We wanted to stay there because we heard so many great things about it. We went with high expectations and Chui surpassed them all! First, let’s talk food—it’s amazing. They will ask for your food preferences and dietary restrictions when you check in, so you know you won’t wind up with anything you don’t like or can’t eat. You get a chef-prepared meal that is planned out each day. This is not your usual buffet-style dining. It’s totally customized for the guests. Next, let me tell you about how personal the lodge is. Chui is small, with only eight bungalows. But it’s not cramped at all. There is plenty of space. It’s quiet and peaceful. If you so chose, can socialize with other guests because the atmosphere is so intimate and friendly. The size of the lodge also allows the staff to give you personalized service. I have never felt so pampered and cared for! Our bungalow was wonderful. It …