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Settling In

The house is coming together. We almost have all our furniture. The outdoor furniture isn’t ready yet but should arrive soon. We still need a guest bed, but think we’ve found a place to get it. We’ve gotten most of our art up on the walls.

We have our household help in place. Our housekeeper has been with us since October and she’s fantastic. We finally found a guy to manage the yard. That part was harder than you’d think.

There aren’t too many lawn services. Mostly, people have gardeners, full time gardeners coming everyday. We don’t need that for our small yard. But I finally found someone to come a few times a month to keep things neat and tidy and mowed.

We also found a part time cook. Most cooks are full time and live in (often a housekeeper who does the cooking). That would be overkill for us. We found someone to come in once a week to make a few meals that we can either eat the next couple nights or freeze for later. That has been a huge help—it’s just the amount of assistance we need in the kitchen.

Meanwhile, I’m getting into a groove with work. I’ve gotten used to driving. We’re getting the hang of how things are done in Kenya.

I think I’m finally starting to feel settled.


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