Daily Life, Nairobi
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Silly Mood

I’m in a silly mood. When in such moods, I sometimes think about potential band names or album titles. I have no interest in starting or joining a band. It’s just a fun naming game.

So far, the top ones I’ve come up with are:

  • Broke Down Matatu
  • Crazy Matatu
  • Peponi Road (side note, I’d love someone to parody Thunder Road and make it about all the pot holes on Peponi Road)
  • Scam the Mizungu
  • Polite Notice (all the signs here seem to marked as “polite notice”)
  • Junk In Your Trunk (there are also signs at security check points notifying drivers that security is going to check the junk in said trunk—this is also a polite notice)

It’s silly. I know. But it’s fun.


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