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Home Alone

I’m spending some time on my own while J. is traveling again for work. In many ways, this is nothing new. I’ve live alone for several years. I’ve been alone while my spouse has traveled. But, it was always in New York. Also, for a good amount of that time, I had Daisy with me.

I’m in a new place now and without a ferocious guard dog pug. I’m in a house, out in the country, and I’ve seen Making a Murderer. I know what happens when you leave New York. (Yes, I’m that kind of a city girl.) While I didn’t think I’d be bored or afraid, I knew it would feel different and that I’d be a little on edge.

Turns out, I’ve been okay. I think it would have been harder if I wasn’t working and/or if we didn’t have the car. (FYI I’m doing great on the roads.) It hasn’t been bad at all.

I am more alert. I think I scared the daylights out of the guy sent to check on the electric fence. To be fair, the compound groundkeeper did not tell me anyone was coming. Hence, I feel I was well within my right to corner the guy back to the front gate while I called it in to check. (No, I was not armed. My Don’t-Mess-With-Me voice is apparently enough to put the fear of g-d into a person.) Other than that, there have been no alarms.

I know the security drill for our home. The compound has guards. For our house we’ve got a whole system complete with locks, the electric fence mentioned before, the laser alarms outside, house alarm, panic button, and safe haven gate. Ain’t nobody getting in without my permission.

I know most of our neighbors in our compound and am quite friendly with the ones next door. I don’t feel alone or isolated.

That said, I am anxious to have J. home again. I miss him. I’m doing well, but Nairobi is a lot more fun with my partner in crime.




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