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I Found My Fitness Fix

I’ve written about fitness before. I’ve mentioned how I’m doing all right, but missing my gym, and wondering how to keep active without getting bored. I think I’ve found the right mix.

The spin bike was probably one of the best purchases we made for moving to Nairobi. In a prior post I wrote about what I use to keep motived for my spin workouts. That’s still a key piece to my fitness fix.

Lifting weights and strength training overall is also a key component. I’m still using workouts and techniques I learned from my trainer back in New York. I’m finding new workouts online. And, we bought a few more resistance bands to give us some more options with strength training.

(I am keeping away from kettlebells as I do not wish to damage the house!)

I still have my pilates DVDs and those are also good. They serve double duty and core exercises and physical therapy for my herniated discs. I need to keep that up as the rough roads out here really aggravate my lower back (which then shoots all the way down my leg.)

Recently, I found the last part, the missing piece. I had really, really been missing my gym. The equipment and space were nice, but I could get close to that with our set up at home. But I missed the classes and the energy that I found at Equinox. Enter Fitness Blender.

It’s online. It’s free (although I made a donation because I think what they’re is great). And it’s just the kind of conditioning workouts and element of fun that had been missing. I’m loving it!

With that last part added into the whole mix, my fitness routine is complete. That makes for a very happy and healthy me. 🙂

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