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Happy Birthday to Me

Another year older, hopefully a little bit wiser.

Last year was the last time I was able to spend my birthday with Daisy. I knew we would have to put her down at some point soon—a matter of days.

J. and I spent the day with her. We went to Central Park. We snuggled up with her. We enjoyed her last few moments. That was all I wanted.

I was in no mood to celebrate. I turned off my birthday notification in Facebook. I asked J. to tell people to not call or send cards or gifts. It just didn’t seem right and I wanted none of it. Most people were understanding and supportive.

So the day came and went and I focused on more important things.

This year is better. I obviously still have Daisy on my mind. But, it’s bittersweet memories instead of heartache. We are not doing birthday gift exchanges with broader family, but that is due to logistics.

J. is traveling for work so we will celebrate when he gets back. We’ll keep it small and simple and go out for dinner. But I do get something special today. J. got me a lovely set of stacking rings and I’m wearing them now. The set is comprised of three rings, each with an elephant. 

This calendar year and birthday year is starting out happier than the last year. Here’s to more happiness.


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