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Animal Sanctuary

Mount Kenya Animal Conservancy

During our stay at the Mount Kenya Safari Club  we paid a visit to the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy, which is part of the lodge grounds. Our expectations were low to moderate. What can a hotel sponsored orphanage offer?

As we fist walked in it seems ordinary. We saw and fed some bongo, an kind of antelope. That was fun but we figured that was the extent of it. Then we went further in and found that there is so much more.

The conservancy has several missions to aid animals and part of that includes breeding animals, taking in animals that have been injured, and giving a home to animals who otherwise could not survive in the wild (such as a pygmy hippo that was a a gift to the Kenyan president but then no one know what to do with her). There are some other random animals as well, such as llama. For the record, llama and ostrich get along quite nicely.

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As we walked around the main area we got to interact with the animals, including the baby cheetah (they have the softest fur!). Many of the monkeys go freely in and out of their cages. They’ll come out to say hello and get some food. Speedy the turtle was fun to watch. The ostrich, especially the babies will follow you around and aggressively poke you for food. Cute, but presumptuous!

We wound up spending a couple hours there hanging out with all the animals. It was a lot of fun and I highly recommend it!


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