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Christmas on Mount Kenya


We spent Christmas outdoors on the beautiful slopes of Mount Kenya. We drove out to Mount Kenya National Park & Reserve and entered through the Sirimon gate. From there, we parked at Camp Moses and then hiked around a bit.

We went up to the next camp/station, which took about and hour and a half to two hours. We enjoyed the view and fresh mountain air the whole way. Looking up toward the peaks, looking back down from where we were, looking at all the clouds moving fast around around us and the gorgeous sky…it was like being in heaven. It was so amazing.


When we got to our predetermined stop we hung out a bit to see if we could get any good shots of the peaks. While we could see the peaks, the clouds were rolling in too fast to get a great shot. It’s a shame because, even though we were at the lower slopes, the peaks looked so close. It felt as though you should be able to reach out and touch them, the air was so clear. Here’s a peek of the snow-capped peak below.


We then headed back down, ate a picnic lunch at Camp Moses, and headed back. We timed it just right. It was clear and sunny that morning. We left just as the rains came in.

Best Christmas morning ever!


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