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Hotel Review: Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club

Mount Kenya Safari Club

The Saturday before Christmas we made last minute plans and were lucky to get a room at the Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club. We did get to go away after all—there was some turmoil, but we made it. All in all, the Mount Kenya Safari Club was really nice.

Our room was a riverside deluxe. It was a little small and a little dark, but otherwise really nice. The fireplace in each room is key as it gets pretty cold at night.

One thing worth noting is the bathroom. It’s amazing. It was big and well lit. It is the first well lit bathroom I have ever encountered anywhere in the world. Also worth noting is that the hairdryer is pretty good. This came in handy and I blew out my travel dryer. (Always check to make sure you have it on the right voltage setting. Ask me how I know.)

Other than having to argue with the front desk one night about getting the fireplace lit (they told me to wait and I had to explain that I was freezing at that very moment and it was third time I had called that night), the service was great. They were a little slow at the bar, but it was a full house so that was to be expected. There were lots of activities for kids which kept them very well entertained and out of the way of the adults.

The food was excellent and I ate way too much.

The grounds were really beautiful. Definitely take a walk around if you go, and be sure to check out the maze. Also, visit the animal orphanage that’s on site. The monkeys go in and out of their caged areas freely and it’s cute how they decide if you’re worth coming out to check out and when they’ve had enough of you and go back. Just mind the baby ostriches. They are very pushy and will follow and poke you in order to be fed. (I think ostriches may be related to pugs.)

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Overall, the resort is a lovely place to stay and I highly recommend it.

Details of Christmas Weekend to come in a later post!

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