Month: January 2016


I’ve been asked to give an update on how things are. What else have I learned? Has anything changed? What’s new? Am I missing anything? As far as what else I’ve learned, I feel as though I am still in the phase where I learn something new every day. There are small things like where else I can buy vegetables or a better route between Point A and Point B. There are everyday important things like how the final rinse with filtered water did indeed help my hair. (Washing my face with filtered water has also brought my skin back to normal.) There are bigger things like how to fix/reverse a charge made in error using M-Pesa. (It’s an ordeal.) I’m still figuring out this country and each day I get a bit more knowledge. In terms of life lessons, there hasn’t been too much new. I am meeting more people, in particular more normal women. That helps a lot. I’m also getting to know more of our neighbors as more people move into the compound. It’s …

Two Rivers Mall

There is a lot of construction in Nairobi, among which is the Two Rivers Mall. It’s not too far from where we live and I am shocked and appalled to learn that the mall plans Two to have a “Dolphinarium” program. What the hell is a dolphinarium? I’m glad you asked. It’s essentially a tank where dolphins are kept in captivity and on display for humans. It’s animal cruelty. (By the way, if you’re a SeaWorld fan or think that this is in any way all right, stop reading now. I mean my blog as a whole.) In the wild, dolphins and other animals live long, happy, healthy lives. In captivity, they suffer. Every time someone goes to a dolphin (or whale) show, that person is essentially paying to watch humans torture an animal. If Two Rivers goes ahead with this program, I will boycott the entire mall. Whether or not you’re in Kenya, I urge you to do the same. If you live here, don’t go there. If you ever come to visit, don’t go there. Don’t …

Daisy Pug

Remembering Daisy

This is a weird month. This time a year ago we were struggling to keep our little girl comfortable during the last weeks of her life. It was a tough and painful time. My mind keeps drifting back to those memories. My mind drifts back to good memories too. It’s a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. I’m trying hard to let myself feel what I need to feel, to remember her, but also to not dwell. For today, I’ll take a little time to remember fondly. She was an amazing dog. I’m not saying she never did anything bad, but overall she was very well behaved. She thought she was big dog and in heart she was. She was pushy when it came to food, yet not aggressive when you took food away. She never believed me when I would tell her a treat was “all gone.” I miss my baby girl and will always love her.

Side Project Fail

It doesn’t seem as though I’ll be able to keep up my weekly photo project. Work and other projects are making it difficult for me to do an assignment each week. Unless I start to use my iPhone as the camera for the tougher weeks (like a couple weeks ago when I had to travel for work), I am not going to be able to keep it up. And, really, the whole point was to use my DSLR more. But, while the project is a failure, the intent behind it lives on. I’m still taking pictures. I’m using the camera more. I’m getting better and learning. Plus I’ll keep posting photos via my iPhone onto Instagram (curriedpotato is my handle on there). I’ll take down that page in a few days. I see no sense in keeping it when I can’t complete it. Still, it was a project worth trying.

Mount Kenya Animal Conservancy

Animal Sanctuary

During our stay at the Mount Kenya Safari Club  we paid a visit to the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy, which is part of the lodge grounds. Our expectations were low to moderate. What can a hotel sponsored orphanage offer? As we fist walked in it seems ordinary. We saw and fed some bongo, an kind of antelope. That was fun but we figured that was the extent of it. Then we went further in and found that there is so much more. The conservancy has several missions to aid animals and part of that includes breeding animals, taking in animals that have been injured, and giving a home to animals who otherwise could not survive in the wild (such as a pygmy hippo that was a a gift to the Kenyan president but then no one know what to do with her). There are some other random animals as well, such as llama. For the record, llama and ostrich get along quite nicely. As we walked around the main area we got to interact with …