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Seven Day Photo Project

I am spending more time with photography these days. I want to brush up on techniques, practice, and get better acquainted with my camera. I feel as though I mostly use it underwater and I’d like to get back into using it topside again.

As part of that effort, I am also trying to take more photos overall, including with my phone. I gave myself a seven day photo project. The goal was to take a photo every day for a week of something in my new life here in Nairobi that makes me happy.

I took each photo with my iPhone and posted it on Instagram. The one outlier is the photo of Paris. It was a side step from Nairobi, but I felt it was a necessary one given the recent attack. I love that city and wanted to share a memory of it.

Here is the finished project.

I will be starting a 52 week project soon (one photo per week). I’ll share that online as well.


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