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Life’s Little Luxuries

There are certain things I miss about New York. There are certain things I’ve gotten to really love about Nairobi. Here are a couple lists on both topics.

I miss:

  • Walking around—you really can’t do that very much here.
  • Easy transportation on top of walking around. Other than my commute to my prior job (three trains!) it was always very easy for me to get from point A to point B. No car needed.
  • Fresh Direct (online grocery delivery service)
  • Ricky’s (beauty supply store) and Sephora, my beloved Sephora
  • Having a social network (not online, but real people). I’ll develop that here over time.
  • Equinox (my gym)

I’m loving:

  • Our housekeeper. Having someone do the laundry, dishes, make your bed, and clean the house is wonderful. We had a fantastic housekeeper in New York who came every other week. Here, we have the luxury Monday through Friday.
  • The produce. The vegetables here are great. It’s nice to be able to not worry about GMOs. I hope that never changes in Kenya.
  • M-Pesa.
  • Outdoor space—both having it at home and easier access to the great outdoors. No trains needed.
  • The amazing weather. Even when it’s cold, it’s not really that cold. There is no Polar Vortex insanity here.
  • The thrill of being somewhere new. I know that will fade with time. For now, everything is still exciting. My hope is that, with access to so many great day trips, the excitement will last a long time.


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