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Have Car Will Travel

Many of my friends back home have asked me what I’ve seen so far in Kenya. Sadly, I haven’t seen much. The issue has been lack of transportation.

We had a loaner car via J.’s work, but we couldn’t take it outside of Nairobi. While we did get to go see The Giraffe Centre and the Elephant Orphanage, we have not been able to take any of the fabulous day trips out of Nairobi. We didn’t even go to Nairobi National Park because you just can’t see much from the vantage point of a sedan.

Now we have our own vehicle: a Toyota Fortuner. It’s a large SUV, which is what you need day to day where we live. The rough roads and the rainy seasons are a little tougher in Kitisuru and other areas north of the city.

We have the car fully kitted up with a snorkel, a rear bump bar and bull (or roo) bar in the front. The snorkel will be good for any potential river crossing and will allow the engine to run cleaner. The bars, front and back, are to provide protection from the crazy matatus and anyone who thinks he can rear end us on purpose.

So, we are ready for some adventures! Where should we go first? The list is long, but at the top of our list is Crescent Island. This is weather permitting (read: I do not want to get stuck in the mud and need to get towed out).

Other places we want to go see include:

  • Nairobi National Park. It’ll be expensive as you pay pay person according to how many people you can fit in your car. We can fit seven, and will need to pay for seven even though it’s just the two of us. From what we hear, it’ll be totally worth it.
  • Brown’s Cheese Factory. This might not be what you’d expect to be on the list, but, given the rainy season, it’s a fun and easy (not getting stuck in the mud) excursion.
  • Hiking at Mount Longonot.
  • Hell’s Gate. You can do just about anything here. We’ll definitely hike. Mountain biking here is supposed to be great and it would be a lot of fun to do. I think this place will definitely warrant more than one trip.
  • The Bomas of Kenya—a cultural center/museum celebrating the tribes of Kenya.

The list runs much longer, and those are just the day trips. There are lots of weekend and long weekend trips. The Maasai Mara is only a four hour drive from Nairobi. There are lots of other lakes, parks, and wildlife sanctuaries to visit.

Of course, eventually we’ll take bigger trips and make our way to the coast for some diving. But for now, having access to take the short trips out of the city will be really nice.


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