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Taking Care of Appearances

It’s time for another list: a beauty list. Here are the main things I’ve learned in regard to trying to look good:

  • For beauty products:
    • Linton’s is the place to go and there are several throughout Nairobi. Estée Lauder brands are carried as well as some others. Note: Each store varies in what it carries.
    • MAC is also in Nairobi and tends to have better range in terms of shades that match your skin tone.
    • If you have access, the UN Commissary is also good. They recently expanded and it’s like an airport duty free shop, limited but with options.
  • When you’re shopping for your various beauty items—be it make up, conditioner, cleanser, whatever—get more than one. Things run out and don’t necessarily get restocked quickly. For this reason, I’ve got about six months worth of conditioner in the bathroom. I make no apologies for this.
  • If you are north of the city, Serenity Spa is excellent for massages, facials, waxing, manicures and pedicures.
  • Salon Malibu in The Village Market is great for hair. They do everything and they are skilled on all kinds of hair. (After a couple not so great haircuts at other places, J. will be going there as well.)
  • Your hair and skin will need some adjustment time. The climate change, the air, and the water will all affect negatively affect the condition of your hair and skin.

As for that last bullet, in Nairobi, the biggest issue is the water. It’s hard water and my skin and hair are not liking it. The advice I got from many people is to wash your hair and face with distilled water. It took a couple of weeks, but it seems to be working. My hair improved quickly. My skin is getting better—not fully recovered, but getting there.

What I do is put distilled water in a bowl and use that as basin within the sink to wash my face. For my hair, have a one litre carafe of distilled water for the final rinse that I keep in the shower. As I mentioned, this approach seems to be working.

I’ll let you know once I’ve gotten back to my usual, radiantly beautiful self. 😉


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