Month: November 2015

Home Gym

Working It All Out

We are settling into our new home and are setting up the home gym. You can tell from the image above that it is a work in progress. Once it’s set up fully we’ll have an area to store some items, a stand for the monitor (for exercise videos), a clock, maybe more mats, and some art on the walls. We might rearrange a little too. There will be tweaks to the set up as we get things in order. In the meantime, other than the pilates and Core Fusion DVDs (which we’re not set up for quite yet), everything else is fully functional—and we’ve been making good use of the gym. So far, the weight training has been good. We have a better set up for weights than the what was available at the gym at Gardens Apartments. With a proper bench and adjustable weights, you can do a lot. You can see the adjustable weights tucked over by the wall. We also have resistance bands, sliders, foam rollers, and a Swiss Ball, which we …

Seven Day Photo Project

I am spending more time with photography these days. I want to brush up on techniques, practice, and get better acquainted with my camera. I feel as though I mostly use it underwater and I’d like to get back into using it topside again. As part of that effort, I am also trying to take more photos overall, including with my phone. I gave myself a seven day photo project. The goal was to take a photo every day for a week of something in my new life here in Nairobi that makes me happy. I took each photo with my iPhone and posted it on Instagram. The one outlier is the photo of Paris. It was a side step from Nairobi, but I felt it was a necessary one given the recent attack. I love that city and wanted to share a memory of it. Here is the finished project. I will be starting a 52 week project soon (one photo per week). I’ll share that online as well.

Life’s Little Luxuries

There are certain things I miss about New York. There are certain things I’ve gotten to really love about Nairobi. Here are a couple lists on both topics. I miss: Walking around—you really can’t do that very much here. Easy transportation on top of walking around. Other than my commute to my prior job (three trains!) it was always very easy for me to get from point A to point B. No car needed. Fresh Direct (online grocery delivery service) Ricky’s (beauty supply store) and Sephora, my beloved Sephora Having a social network (not online, but real people). I’ll develop that here over time. Equinox (my gym) I’m loving: Our housekeeper. Having someone do the laundry, dishes, make your bed, and clean the house is wonderful. We had a fantastic housekeeper in New York who came every other week. Here, we have the luxury Monday through Friday. The produce. The vegetables here are great. It’s nice to be able to not worry about GMOs. I hope that never changes in Kenya. M-Pesa. Outdoor space—both having it at …

Have Car Will Travel

Many of my friends back home have asked me what I’ve seen so far in Kenya. Sadly, I haven’t seen much. The issue has been lack of transportation. We had a loaner car via J.’s work, but we couldn’t take it outside of Nairobi. While we did get to go see The Giraffe Centre and the Elephant Orphanage, we have not been able to take any of the fabulous day trips out of Nairobi. We didn’t even go to Nairobi National Park because you just can’t see much from the vantage point of a sedan. Now we have our own vehicle: a Toyota Fortuner. It’s a large SUV, which is what you need day to day where we live. The rough roads and the rainy seasons are a little tougher in Kitisuru and other areas north of the city. We have the car fully kitted up with a snorkel, a rear bump bar and bull (or roo) bar in the front. The snorkel will be good for any potential river crossing and will allow the engine to …