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Top Five Things I’ve Learned So Far

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It’s been almost three months. What have a I learned? Well, I’ve learned a hell of a lot. Here are the top five, the key bits that have had the most impact on my life here.

5. Time is relative. It’s not quite like island time in the Caribbean, but time in Kenya is strange. Most things don’t happen on time. There area many delays and many reasons for the delays. Patience is crucial, yet you also need to need stay on top of people otherwise nothing will get done. And yet…time has been flying since I got here.

4. Having an inverter or back up generator doesn’t mean you’ll never lose power. It just means that some outlets will not lose power. The other day, power was out for a long time. I had internet access but I couldn’t use the stove.

3. Recycling isn’t common here. As a result, I am finding as many ways as I can to reuse. I’m also figuring out how to still recycle. There are places where you can take your recycling. I just need to figure out how it all works.

2. Water is everything. Everything

And finally, Number One…Life here is all about the work arounds. We have back up systems in place for everything from the power outages to how to best wash your hair when a bucket bath is your only option. We are power users of VPN and smart DNS. We’re learning alternate routes for when some roads may be closed off due to the rains. We can’t find any fat-free yogurt anywhere, so I am learning how to make my own yogurt.

You need to have tenacious spirit and be willing to do to the Try-Fail-Learn-Keep-Trying dance. Some if it isn’t too hard. Some of it is frustrating. But, so far, it’s all been worth it. I think it’s making me a more resilient and more creative person.

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