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Settling In

For about two months before our move, everything was a mess. We were packing. We were getting rid of some things and acquiring other things. Our life was exploded inside our one bedroom apartment. (860+ square feet, 1.5 bath, washer/dryer in the unit, UES Manhattan if anyone is interested!)

Then we moved here, and for the first couple months we were in temporary housing. Now we are moved into our new place. Our shipment container arrived. Our appliances have been delivered and installed. We can settle into normal life again!

We’re still unpacking and getting everything organized. But soon, we’ll be able to fully enjoy all this space.

I’m excited to stock up a new (big!) kitchen, to have enough room to try my hand at brewing kombucha (Thank you Mama Mgeni!), and to figure out how to source my various health food needs. FYI, I have learned that the Healthy U shop at the Sarit Centre has a lot of what I want, e.g. apple cider vineger, matcha tea, and nutritional yeast.

I’ll have a proper workshop/art room. I’ll be able to paint more. There will be ample space for all my knitting and jewlery making supplies. There are still some things to set up for that, but we’ll get there. Yes, of course I will share the space with J. for whatever manly building things he wants to do.

We have a home gym. That is almost set up and can be used already. I am excited to finally use my spin bike!

Even the more mundane, simple things are fantastic. Sleeping in our own bed again was amazing. The first night we ate off our own dishes and drank from our own glasses was fantastic.

It felt like home. It is home.


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