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Gardens Apartments

I can now give a proper review for Gardens Apartments. (I wrote about it a little when we moved in.) We stayed there for our first two months in Nairobi (after a few days at The Tribe Hotel). All in all, it was a good experience.

The decor is 80s chic and not really my style. But the furnishings were comfortable and in good condition. In fact, while the style is 80s, the furniture seemed pretty new. The overall apartment was in good condition too.

They have a gym, but not everything in the gym works. They could improve things by removing the broken equipment (spin bike and two stepper-type things). They should also repair the elliptical trainer so that it’s more stable. If they did that, the gym would be fully working and more spacious.

They also have a pool, which is in decent shape and cleaned daily. I didn’t use it because we were there for the tail end of winter and it was just a touch too cold to go for a swim.

The most important things to know about Gardens, and what makes me give them a good recommendation are:

  • Great staff. Everyone is very nice and helpful yet never in the way.
  • Excellent security. This is a big deal in Nairobi. The place is UN security approved. But more than that, the askaris (guards) are amazing. I felt safe there 100% of the time, and I was alone for much of that time. I could walk around the complex freely without having to worry at all. I could come and go via driver or taxi and know that the guards knew me and were looking out for me as I got in and out.
  • Super clean. I am a neat freak, more compulsive than most. This place met my standards. Housekeeping comes Monday through Saturday and linens are changed Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • Everything worked. I heard stories of people staying in other places where the water was out for a couple days, or the power would always go out. There was no such issue here. The power went out a few times, and then the generators kicked right in less than a minute later. We didn’t have any issues.

Gardens is also in a good location. Westlands is centrally located in Nairobi and Gardens is right in the heart. It’s easy to get to the Sarit Center and Westgate shopping malls. There are tons of great local restaurants.

If you need a place to stay for a few weeks to two or three months, Gardens is perfect. Longer than that could get old, unless you will be traveling a lot and need a safe place to crash when in town (and have your belongings be safe while you’re away).  There are longer term furnished apartments in Nairobi if you need something for a year or longer.

For us, this was perfect. I’m glad we chose Gardens and I highly recommend it.

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