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Cultural Travel

I did a bit of traveling on Friday. I went from way up north in Kitisuru down south to Junction, all to get some culture. SCOBY culture, that is. SCOBY stands for symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast. Sounds really nice, right?

Why on earth would I want this thing? I want to make kombucha. I finally have a kitchen big enough to start making it. The issue was where to find a SCOBY and some starter liquid. I found my source through Mama Mgeni.

I have been following her blog for a while now. It’s been super helpful in learning about life in Nairobi. J. is not (until now) aware of it, but her blog has been my go to resource on so many things from day-to-day tips to the fact that one can have lunch at the Aero Club of East Africa.

From reading her blog, I saw that she was making kombucha. I asked her where I could find a SCOBY, and she offered me one of hers! So I went down to Junction to get some culture.

Bonus – I got some water kefir grains because she happened to have extra! It totally felt like Christmas!

I’d like to give big Thank You to Tara! That’s so much for all your help, that you didn’t even know you were provide to me, and for the SCOBY and grains. My cultural adventures can now begin!


  1. priscilla says

    I make and sell kombucha under the brand, mohawk Kombucha
    I sell in organic farmers market in karen, the hub, galleria etc


  2. J Naslund says

    Was excited to see your post on learning how to make kombucha. I live near Kisii. I do travel to Kisumu monthly. Do you know if I could find kombucha or a scoby to start my own there?

    Thanks a ton,


    • I am not sure about that. I don’t know anyone in Kisumu so I wouldn’t know if anyone has a SCOBY there. If you come to Nairobi, let me know. I would be happy to share a SCOBY.



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