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The garden at Serenity Spa

Last week was detox week for me, after over doing it the week before. Between feeling rough around the edges from that week and feeling off kilter since my flight here from the States, I needed some pampering. I decided to check out Serenity Spa.

It. Was. Amazing. I got a 90 minute hot stone massage that made everything better. Evelyn was my massage therapist and I’ll be going back to her to help keep my muscles happy (not to mention ease some sciatic pain that kicked back in after that flight).

The spa is in Gigiri, near the United Nations and U.S. Embassy. It’s safe, quiet, and peaceful. There is a beautiful garden where you can lounge before your treatment.

The room for the massage was gorgeous and quite spacious. There was a bathroom en suite (no walking to the hallway bathroom in your robe). My “view” when I was face down on the massage table was a bowl of rose petals – a very nice touch.

Post-massage tea and fruit

Post-massage tea and fruit

I spent some time at the garden after my massage too. They even brought me some tea and fresh fruit and I was able to hang out and enjoy the post-massage relaxed feeling for as long as I wanted.

Serenity is an excellent spa – it even beats out the top spas in New York. I am now spoiled…and loving it!


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