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Hiring Household Staff

In Kenya, it’s common to hire household staff. Don’t think of it as Downton Abbey and having servants at your beck and call. It’s more symbiotic than that. You get household help and in return you provide jobs to local people. The various types of staff include driver, gardener, guard (although that should be through a security company), nanny, cook, and housekeeper. As a couple with no kids and a small yard, we only need a housekeeper.

I was at a total loss on how to even start looking. Luckily, the Nairobi Expat Social (NES) group on Facebook came to the rescue. I got a lot of leads as well as advice. People on NES also told me about Nairobi Expat Butler (also a Facebook group). That helped a lot too.

This biggest factor here, and anywhere really, is safety/honesty. Having strong references is crucial. If you are moving here and are looking to hire any kind of staff I recommend starting on Nairobi Expat Butler. You’ll get solid referrals for good people.

In addition to checking out that group, you should look at Word of Mouth, which was actually posted on Nairobi Expat Butler by a member. There are helpful tips as well as standard contracts and legal guidelines for hiring household staff in Kenya.

I am just starting my search for a housekeeper. I feel good about my leads and am hopeful that I’ll find someone good.

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  1. You are so thorough and do your due diligence work prior to embarking on the task set before you, there is no doubt you will find the right help who will be a good fit for you both, good luck



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