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Overdoing it a bit…

In addition to being a big week, last week was also a fun week.

SoiWe met a French couple for dinner at Soi, a lovely Thai restaurant at Dusit. They’ve been here slightly longer than us. It was nice to swap stories, tell each other what we’ve each figured out, and not feel like babes in the woods. Did I mention that the food at Soi is amazing?

weekend - 3Thursday we were invited to a happy hour at the Canadian High Commission. We thought we’d go for an hour. Right. We stayed quite a while.We met some people, ate poutine, drank, and were very merry. It was a lot fun – Canadians know how to party.

Friday morning resulted in sort of a collected hangover. The whole week caught up to me. I don’t think I can do another rough week. Lesson learned: When in Nairobi, spread it out.

weekend - 1Somehow that didn’t stop us from trying out a restaurant on Saturday night – About Thyme. The restaurant has a beautiful setting and has amazing food. Service was great. There’s also a lounge area called Down Thyme, which we’ll have to visit at some point…but not yet.

Right now, J. and I are in detox mode!


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