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But what about my hair?

There were many important things to figure out in Nairobi. Where would we live? Where can we find good doctors? Where do we buy a car? And, who is going to do my hair?

I was quite worried about that last one. I even had my hair guy from New York get me a tube of color so I could do my own roots if it came down to that. I wanted to be prepared.

I did a lot of research before moving here. From what I could gather, Salon Malibu seemed like it would be my best bet. So, when the time came, I made an appointment.

The big “test” was yesterday. I am happy to report that they did a great job with my color and trimming my hair.

Kavita at the salon totally got me, totally got my hair, and totally knew that I needed a dark to medium brown with an ash base. (Having an ash base avoids getting any red tones. A good colorist will know this.) She did an amazing job.

I’ll be going back to see her in about six weeks when it’s time to get my roots done again. I plan to also do some highlights again. I wanted to do a trial run with just the roots touch up first. Now that I know I’m in good hands, I can do a bit more.

While I waited for the color to set, I got a pedicure. The lady who does the manicures and pedicures did a really nice job. The colors available were less than what I’m used to, but in New York I would go to a salon specific for nails. So, I wasn’t really surprised to see a smaller selection.

I’m really happy overall – I found my salon!

Side note about Linton’s:

I tried Linton’s for getting my nails done. I really wanted to like it. While the overall experience was fine, they didn’t do a good job. The polish was put on way too thick. Even after waiting around 15 to 20 minutes, it all got smudged. (I had to get it all redone at another salon – which is how I discovered the full set of Salon Malibu’s services. They cleaned up my nails in no time. It was better service and less money.)

It’s also worth noting that Linton’s did not have a full color selection. I didn’t mind the small selection at Malibu, since nails is an additional service and not the main business. But, with Linton’s, I feel that if an establishment claims to be an Essie Nail Bar, it should carry more than ten colors.

Keep in mind, I still really like Linton’s as a shop and I know I’ll be going there when it’s time to restock on makeup.


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