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A Fun Night Out


Not all of this past weekend was bad. We had a very fun night out on Friday. We met up with some of J.’s colleagues and some of their friends. It wound up being a rather eclectic group from all over the world, all walks of life, and different careers. Best part: several of them are also divers!


The bar at Furusato

We had dinner at Furusato, a Japanese restaurant in Westlands. J. and I shared a sashimi boat. The food was excellent and the service too, for the most part.

The only part I didn’t like was that, when were waiting for others to arrive, a maître d’ came over and asked J. if he’d like a drink. He literally leaned around me to ask, totally ignoring me. I let that go this time. Next time he’s not getting off easy. If you go, watch out for the sexist maître d’.

After dinner, we headed over to Juniper, a bar near ABC Place (another shopping center). It was fun, had good music, and wasn’t too crowded. Fridays are apparently the more tame night. On Saturdays the bar turns into a full out club with lot of dancing.

One thing about the bar that I found interesting, is that when the parking lot gets full, you park at the Shell gas station next door. That was a first for me: park at the Shell to get to the club.

All in all a very fun night! And of course, it wouldn’t be a night out in Kenya without an homage to Obama.


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