New York
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Thinking of Home

It’s my first September 11th away from New York since September 11, 2001. In other words, I was there that day and I never traveled or was away from New York on that date in the years since. I’m not very expressive or talkative about the subject, and I’m not about to go into details now. But it’s on my mind today.

Thinking of home. Thinking also about my new home and the not-so-distant past here.

Thank you to Brian for keeping me sane that day.

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  1. Brian Forster says

    …Of course, I’m thinking of you as well today. And in fact, I can totally understand the feeling of not being here on a Sept 11th — a bit of a strange feeling, I know.

    Not much really to say, of course. At least I won’t be putting myself through the museum trip again this year? (Happy thoughts!)

    Thanks as always for the company….wow, 14 years ago.



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