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A Rough Start to House Hunting with a Zen Finish

We kicked off the house hunt! I don’t mean just the research, but actually going to see homes. The first place we saw was in a nice gated community in a good location for us. Unfortunately, it was not all that great.

The area for the stove, I mean cooker, was odd. You would have to squeeze into a narrow slot to reach the stove, and you wouldn’t be able to easily open the oven door. That was the immediate deal breaker. Also, the laundry room didn’t have a sink – another deal breaker. On top of that, the house overall wasn’t in great condition.

I’m hoping to see better places as we continue our hunt. We may wind up in an apartment since a lot of those are newer and thus have modern kitchens and bathrooms. I’m hoping we’ll find a house and simply trade off having a mature garden in exchange for the kitchen and bath. (Mature garden = the trees in the garden are grown, thus also an older house.)

After seeing two places in the complex (both with the same oddities and in the same condition) we went for lunch at Zen Garden. It’s a nice Japanese restaurant that also serves other types of fare, like sandwiches. The grounds are pretty and space is open and nicely designed.

I didn’t take a picture of it, but the menu was my only complaint. The size of the type of was fine, but the font and colors used made it hard to read. But, if that’s my only complaint, then that’s not bad at all.

The food was quite tasty. Both J. and I enjoyed our meals. It was his second time there, so I knew it would be good. I’d definitely go back. Next time, hopefully it won’t be to soothe disappointment.


  1. Linda says

    As a New Yorker, you know all about compromise when it comes to housing :). You’ll find something suitable.


  2. I have faith you will find what you are looking for in all areas such as modern, elegant and convenient to fit your newly adopted life. Patience and a good eye!



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