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Staying Fit

When we were researching temporary housing, we knew we’d need a gym. I’d go crazy without one. I was prepared for the worst (lots of Pinterest research and creating a board just for hotel room workouts). But, I really wanted a place with some kind of gym.

We found a couple places in the area we needed to be in (or thought we needed to be in – but that is another story) and they both had gyms. Success! We were pretty excited when we saw that the complex we chose had a spin bike in their gym. Yippee!

I was naive to think that it would work. In fact, it’s not the only piece of equipment that doesn’t work. The elliptical trainer and two stepper type things are also inoperable. There are two working treadmills, but sometimes they randomly don’t work.

My grand plan of doing high intensity interval training in between weight workouts as my fitness routine is not going to be possible. I’ll have to figure out something. I’ll use the treadmills when I can. On the days they aren’t working, I suppose I can do hill sprints or come up with some idea for cardio. (They do have a pool here. However, it’s winter and, while winters are mild, it’s too cold to swim outside.)

The weight workouts are on track. There are some free weights, which are fine. There is also a TRX, which is awesome! I’ve been using that for much of my weight training and it’s been great. FYI, I introduced Jeff to TRX and he really likes it too. If our longer term place is able to support one of these, then we will absolutely get one.

There are gyms, cycling studios, yoga studios, and other fitness businesses in Nairobi. We’re not at a point where we need to join a gym. I may check out Taut Body at The Village Market. They have yoga, barre, and also TRX classes.

For now, I think we’re good with what we have available to us, especially as we adjust to altitude. My first few workouts, which I kept at the lighter side, felt pretty hard. I’m adjusting and getting stronger. I’ll get back to my sea level abilities.

In the meantime, while I miss Equinox, I am happy to have a gym right in the complex.

Note: If you want ideas for hotel room/limited gym exercise, you can check out my Pinterest board.

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