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The First Real Weekend in Nairobi

This past weekend was technically my second here, but I consider it the first real one, after spending a full week in Nairobi. It was filled with exploring neighborhoods, errands (yes, more Nakumatt!), and some fun thrown in. Here are the fun bits.

Driving around was awesome. It sounds as though it should be mundane, but it was really beautiful. We are house hunting and the main areas we’re looking at are north of the city. It’s really pretty in that area. The best way to describe would be quiet and green. I’m pretty sure that’s the area we’ll live in and I look forward to being there.

On Friday night we went to a seafood restaurant in Westlands called Ocean Basket. It’s located in The Oval (one of the many malls/shopping centers in Nairobi). The restaurant had cool, laid back vibe.

Service was great. The food was excellent. As you can see, I had no trouble clearing my plate. (I broke my rule of not taking pictures of my food, but I’ll allow it this one time.)

Saturday, in between errands, we attended a meet up with with the Nairobi Ex-Pat Social group (via Facebook –  a closed group, only for people in Nairobi). We thought we’d stay a little while, maybe an hour, and meet a few people. We wound up staying a lot longer because we were having so much fun! It’s a great group of people from all walks of life and from all over the world.

On top of the social element, there’s a practical side to the group as well. There’s a marketplace aspect for people looking to buy or sell just about anything. There’s a lot of advice from everything from civil matters (like getting a driver’s license) to travel. I got some leads on doctors from the group as well as a referral for a dry cleaner – like I said, you can find help for almost every issue.

This group is going to help us a lot as we settle in. And, I have a feeling we’ll make more than a few friends out of it.

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  1. I love reading about your fascinating discoveries that are becoming your way of life. Also very glad that the phrase, “it’s a small world” remains to hold true based on your new friendships from your social group gathering.



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