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Temporary Housing

We moved into a month-to-month furnished apartment this past Monday. We did this because we’ll need a place to stay while we wait for our shipment to arrive (which may wind up coming a lot sooner than expected, but we’ll see). Granted, we would not have just stayed in a hotel until that time or have moved into an empty place, but I’m glad we took this route.

First, we have a place where we can comfortably live in the meantime. Second, it gives us a chance to try out the neighborhood without a long term commitment. Third, just having a place to even temporarily call home helps us start to feel settled in.

For personal safety, I won’t state where we’re staying, but I will write up a review later when we move out. In the meantime, I can tell you that it’s a nice, clean, well maintained two bedroom apartment with two balconies. There’s a washing machine in our unit (clothes line dry on the back balcony). There’s daily housekeeping and the linens are changed three times a week. They offer free breakfast (usually eggs) every morning in a common area near the pool. On top of that, the internet connection (wi-fi and via ethernet cable) is really good. There is also a gym.

I think I’ll be just fine for the next couple months.

I don’t know a ton about temporary and/or furnished housing in Nairobi, but I can offer these tips:

  • Start researching before you get here. There are a lot of options but you’ll find yourself narrowing things down quickly by what you need:
    • How big a space?
    • Pets? Kids?
    • How good do you need your internet access to be?
    • How long will you stay? A couple months? A couple years? The length and kind of lease you need will be a factor.
  • Don’t sign until you see the place. Understand that you will likely need an appointment to see the grounds.
  • Plan on something a little larger than you think you need. I say this for two reasons:
    • If you or someone in your family is going to be at home a lot, you’ll appreciate the space. Ahem, I’m really glad we got a two bedroom.
    • You’ll have all your luggage. It’s nice to have an area to keep it where it’s not underfoot.
  • Location is everything. Traffic in Nairobi is a nightmare. Find a place that’s near where you work and/or places you need to be so that your commute won’t be terrible.
  • From the research I did in the area we needed to be in, I believe the amenities I noted above are fairly standard. But still , you should ask, don’t assume.
  • Security is key. The place we’re staying it gated and has an askari (guard) at the gate.

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