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New Yorkers Gather in Nairobi

The world is a big place, and yet also very small. I have a friend from New York whom I hadn’t seen in ages. She moved to Maputo, Mozambique earlier this year and has been really helpful about advice on moving to Africa. She even hooked us up with our go-t0 driver here. So, we had that in the works from New York, via Maputo, before either J. or I even landed!

We had talked about getting together at some point since we’d be in the same general part of the continent. As luck would have it, she was in Nairobi last week. We met up for dinner last Saturday.

We ate at Open House, an Indian restaurant in the Westlands neighborhood. Kenya, having a large Indian population, has amazing Indian food. Open House is no exception – the food was delicious! I highly recommend it.

Now that we’re in a temporary apartment, we’ll be cooking more. That doesn’t mean we won’t eat out. Nairobi has a great food scene and I intend to explore every bit of it!

Note: I did not take pictures of or in the restaurant. I probably could have taken some pictures if I had asked permission. But, I wanted to be sensitive to the subject of photography as it’s not allowed in a lot of places because of security concerns. I remember the first couple years after 9/11, when armed National Guards were ever present and photography was discouraged or banned in a lot of areas. 

The Westgate mall has recently reopened, but the attack was only two years ago. It’s still a fresh wound. I’m being mindful of that, not just about the technical rules. There won’t be as many pictures of places as a result. Outside of the city, or in places where it’s allowed and I feel it’s okay, I’ll take pictures.

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  1. I absolutely love reading about your new life with or without pictures. I feel lucky to be among that are able to follow your adventures, thank you.



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