Moving, New York
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Gratitude as I depart

Reporting in from the Delta Sky Club Lounge at JFK on my last day in New York

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Today’s post is going to be a big thank you.

I’m thankful for the 20 years I’ve spent in New York. The city has become home and I will forever be a New Yorker, no matter where my travels take me. I’m thankful for all the experiences this city has brought into my life. Central Park (especially in the fall), all of the dog runs along with memories of Daisy being antisocial toward the other dogs, Pug Meet Ups (she was still antisocial), the little neighborhood restaurants and bars, the small town aspect of New York in every neighborhood, Equinox (love that gym!), farmer’s markets, Riverside Park (especially at sunset), the view from the top of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and global melding of cultures are among my fondest memories of the city I’m about to leave. I look forward to visits home (as well as a new mayor once de Blasio’s term ends).

I’m thankful to all my friends, family, and colleagues. So many people have been helpful and supportive as J. and I embark on this new adventure. People have helped us get information about Nairobi, gave advice and help on moving, have helped as we packed/organized/scrambled, and have overall provided us with a strong support network. I am so grateful for that.

Next post from Nairobi!

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